Pine Bluff Materials
World Class Safety
Pine Bluff Materials


  • ASTM C-33 Coarse Sand
  • ASTM C-144 Fine Masonry Sand
  • 3/4 River Gravel
  • 5/8 Pea Gravel
  • 1 1/4 River Gravel

Charles B. Holman

Material Safety Data Sheet

Material Safety Data SheetDownload our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for a comprehensive overview of our products, including components, physical and chemical properties, handling and storage, and first aid measures.

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Product Specification Sheet

Product Specification SheetOur product specification sheet is updated monthly and available for download using the link below.

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Recent Projects
Building Progress in Tennessee, Kentucky & Alabama When you drive around middle Tennessee, western Kentucky and northern Alabama, there's a good chance you're driving on roads using sand and gravel supplied by Pine Bluff Materials. (read more)