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Developing a World-Class Culture of Safety

At Pine Bluff Materials, we never take safety for granted. Protecting our employees, and everyone who comes into contact with our company in any way, is a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why we make safety a top priority at each stage in our process, from production to delivery. In fact, we have an entire culture of safety built on an innovative set of safety principles and processes:

The Right Mindset

  • We have tool sets, skill sets and mindsets, but a safety mindset is the most important
  • Focus on the positive and learn from the negative – "Plant grass. Don't pull weeds."

Focus on the Task

  • Eliminate mental clutter and avoid distractions
  • "Be where your feet are!"

Talk Safety

  • What is talked about expands
  • Keep safety at the forefront of your mind

Be Accountable for Yourself and Your Team

  • Safety is everyone's responsibility
  • "If you see it, own it!"

Be Proactive

  • Get in front of an incident
  • Identify and address hazards before anything happens

Take the Time to Be Safe

  • Daily safety huddles to plan for the day
  • Time outs during the day to address hazards of a specific task

Make Continuous Improvements

  • Make a deliberate effort to fight complacency
  • Never be finished with safety – practice, practice, practice

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